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Knowing exactly who is coming to your website can help you boost conversions and cater to your most lucrative visitors. Fondue website visitor analysis provides an in-depth and comprehensive look into the traffic coming to your site.

By analyzing the specifics of your site’s visitors, we can tailor your internet marketing campaign to target the best customers. Our visitor analysis reports, complete with spreadsheets and graphs, provide you with clear information and benchmarks for your website’s success.

A few thoughts about your website visitors:

Visitor Analysis Report for your Website - Visitor behaviour ReportA high amount of direct traffic means your brand is strong and people are coming straight to your site for their needs. However, if search engine visits are low, you are losing a large market of visitors searching for your service that have not heard of your site.

Likewise, high search engine traffic volume means that your site ranks well and is visible on the search engines. But high traffic with low conversions could mean that your search engine campaign is bringing unqualified leads to your site.

A website visitor analysis report by Fondue will make sense of your traffic data and help you plan the best strategy for maximizing your website’s ROI.

The level of detail in our visitor analysis report complements our website conversion analysis and website copywriting service.

  • Visitor analysis answers questions like:
  • Who visited my website?
  • How many people visited my website?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What keywords did they use to find my site?
  • Which pages were most popular?
  • Which pages converted highly?
  • Does the navigation need improvement?
  • What was the conversion rate?
  • Where do they live?
  • How old are they?

By targeting your website to your specific visitors, Fondue can tailor your page content, layout, and site structure to leverage the most lucrative segment of your traffic.

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