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Our approach to website design has stood the test of time and we are continually updating our methods so that we can maintain high standards of services and customer support.

Fondue has always responded to the market needs with products and services. Continuous development spurred on by market demand has added to the software range we provide

Creative Ideas


We get a kick out of being an outcast. It allows us to be the facilitators of our own creative evolution. We like to think outside of the box and start a project with an open mind.


Questioning out of curiosity leads to opportunities that can make a difference. We like to understand what the business needs before we start to look for a solution that fulfills those needs.

Curiosity drivers us
Smart business ideas

Smart Work - We Innovate, Not Invent

Smart work is working with clarity of processes, goals and objectives, knowing what solutions are available and then picking the best solution to fulfill the need.


We provide bespoke applications with fine balance between needs, design and usability, not forgetting that all important budget!

Business balance


Because we believe delivering a project is only the beginning of a long standing relationship.

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